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Made in Sweden

  • Excellent quality-design from Interoc and refined in Sweden
  • High technology but in a traditional design
  • Flexible by the machine being modular
  • Danfoss hydraulics controlled with Can bus
  • Can bus control means faster and more efficient reaction between controls and hydraulics
  • Fully remote controlled, HBC remote control, Danfoss Plus1 Micro controller,  with SPD’s software
  • Colour display showing X & Y, feed pressure, length measurement, hydraulic pressure, air pressure, service intervals and much more
  • Since the machine is remotely controlled, the operator can take the safest place with regard to work moments
  • GSM for online monitoring, troubleshooting
  • Cummins quality engine QSB 6.7
  • High oil flow maximized for well-balanced hydraulic temperature
  • Environmentally more efficient than most rigs on the market
  • Low diesel consumption
  • Fewer hydraulic hoses, equal to less environmental impact and less risk of oil leakage, lower maintenance costs
  • Fewer power cables, provide easier troubleshooting, but also less risk of problems
Drive engine Cummins QS B 6.7,CM2350 B136C,
Environmental standards EU Stage V (5)
Engine output 209 kW @ 2200 rpm
Diesel tank capacity 300 lit
Hydraulic pump output P1 230 lit/min @ 320 bar
P2 230 lit/min @ 320 bar
P 3 120 lit/min @ 320 bar
Hydraulic tank capacity 600 lit
Hydraulic fluids Mineral oil or biodegradable oil
Length (transport) 7915 mm
Width 2350 mm
Height (transport) 3035 mm
Weight without drill head and magazine 18000 kg
Specific ground pressure 74 kN/m2
Ground clearance 350 mm
Pendelum range of crawlers + 15° / – 15°
Travelling speed 2,5 km/h
Traction force 135 kN
Mast length 7900 mm (7600 mm without winch)
Usable cradle stroke (single head) 5600 mm
Usable cradle stroke (double head) 4370 mm
Max. permissible rotation torque for
working with rotary head
20 kNm
Feed force 115 kN
Retraction force 115 kN
Feed speed 0-25 m/min
Retraction speed 0-25 m/min
Rapid feed speed 0-60 m/min
Rapid retraction speed 0-60 m/min
Clamping and breaking device Double Ø250 mm, 50 kNm
Control HBC/SPD Can bus remote control standard
Hydraulic drifters (available at option) Eurodrill RH10X, RH16X, RH24X, RH32X, DH10, DH16, DH24
Rotary heads (available at option) Eurodrill RH10X, RH16X, RH24X, RH32X, DH10, DH16, DH24
Additional equipment KBM 130 Arc magazine (7xØ88,9 mm + 7x Ø133mm), KBM 150 (7XØ88,9mm + 7×152,4mm), Palfinger crane with manipulator, slewing 20 kN winch, optional double Ø350 mm clamping table, 100 kNm