PM85 EC250

PM85 EC250 is a piling mast attachment for driving steel piles up to 220 mm


  • Mast attachment mounted in the stick arm, with a Quick coupling instead of the bucket
  • Mast is possible to transport separated from the excavator
  • Remote system from Swedish Scanreco makes it flexible and reliable
  • Quick coupling on the cradle for easy and Quick change different sizes of hammers
Piling rig
Mast weight without hammer 3500 kg
Mast total length 8 500 mm
Mast stroke 7000 mm
Hammer SPD1000/SPD2000
Side tilt 14°
Oil flow and pressure at the mast > 130 lit/min @ 200 bar
Crowd force 80 kN
Feeding ropes 2 x 12 mm
Feed speed 0-0,5 m/s
Mast beam  Steel 200 x 200
Carrier  Volvo EC250
Remote Control all machine  Scanreco
Total weight  25 ton