Rental rig, DT145-SK350 Kobelco

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Mast DT145
Detail Specification
Purpose DTH, CFA, pre drill, foundation drill
Mast weight without tool 6.500 kg
Total mast length 10.800 mm – 18.000 mm
Recommended excavators 32 – 48 ton
Cradle stroke 13.000 mm
Lateral tilt +/- 15 degrees (cylinders)
Crowd force 140 kN
Feeding type Cylinder,2*12 mm rope, (cable)
Mast displacement 1000 mm
Excavator coupling/connection Boom connection, pinned
Control system, remote system SPD CAN bus
Micro controller Danfoss Plus1
Software SPD
Voltage 24 V
Transmitter Wireless transmitter/receiver HBC
Option transmit Cable control, cable included
Display Colour display
GSM, access remotely Yes
Digital documentation Yes
X & Y Displayed on the remote
Feed pressure Displayed on the remote
Rotary pressure Displayed on the remote
Percussion pressure Displayed on the remote
Air pressure Displayed on the remote
Depth measure display Option
Feed speed display Option
Rotary RPM display Option
Jet grouting set up Option
Hydraulic manifolds Modular Danfoss PVG32, 128
Max tank back pressure <5 bar
Max drain line back pressure 0,5-2 bar
Clamping table diameter Ø450 mm
Break out cylinder force 100 kNm
Recommended drill heads RH16X/RH24X/RH32X
Recommended piling hammer SPD1000/SPD2000
Service winch 15 kN
Cat head slewing 180°
Detail Specification
Excavator Kobelco SK350NLC-10
Weight (kg) 36.300-39.300
Width (mm) 2.990
Engine power (kW) 213
Emission standard 5 (V)
Boom type 2 piece boom
Boom length (meter) 6.50
Dipper arm (meter) N/A
Counter weight (kg) 8.590
Pump max capacity (lit/min) 2 x 294